I am hoping to start some conversations with this blog – some conversations that may not necessarily fit the so-called ‘normal’ viewpoint over a range of topics.  Alternative conversations I guess is where I am headed with this.  A place where people of like minds can exchange views freely without fear of politically correct or unresearched reprisals.  It is rather strange to say the very least that I have arrived here considering for the largest part of my life I had a very mainstream view of life.  But things have changed.  Life and all it dishes up has happened and somewhere along the way my mind was slowly awakened to many ideas and truths that I simply did not see before. 

The topics I would like to explore may be varied and totally unrelated but I hope they begin conversastions that lead to new views, ideas and understanding.  

I am a complete newb to this concept of blogging but – as I slowly discover with age that I have become somewhat irrelevant in my past occupation – I believe I am still capable of putting words on paper (or a computer screen).  So I will see how this all goes and where it all leads.   

Thank you for looking and I will post some items shortly that will hopefully begin some conversations.